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gallery advisor
Born in Solotvino, Ukraine, in 1985


Bachelor’s degree in painting and decorative arts at the North University of Baia Mare, Department of Painting 2008, then attended the Master’s courses in Painting “Sources and resources of the image”, coordinating professor Dr. Daniela Acea, at the Western University Faculty of Arts and Design, Timisoara (2010). Currently, PhD student in visual arts at the West University of Timisoara.

He has been working in pre-university education since 2011 as a full professor in the department of visual education, artistic education and plastic education. Full member of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania, Baia Mare Branch since 2015. He is present at numerous camps and art symposia in the country and trained. He holds a number of 4 personal exhibitions and has participated in national and international group and group exhibitions. Initiates, ensures and promotes an important number of Romanian-Ukrainian cultural activities and exchanges.

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