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Pavel Alin HEREȘ

communication consultant
born in Târgu Lăpuș, 1990

Pavel Alin HEREȘ

He is an Assistant. univ. PhD. at U.T.C.N – C.U.N.B.M., within the specialization Plastic arts – painting starting with 2017, this year also represents the year in which he graduated the master’s degree Plastic and reflective values ​​of the image in contemporary painting with the work “Interferences. Plastic and reflective values ​​of the simulated portrait ”coordinated by Assoc. Dr. Adrian CHIRA, but also the beginning year of the doctoral research “The metaphor of the portrait between perception and representation”, UVT visual arts field.

He has a double degree in Design, respectively Fine Arts – painting, in 2013, with the work “Off-road caravan”, respectively “Search”, coordinated by Lect. Univ. Dr. Mihai NEMEȘ, respectively Assoc. Dr. Adrian CHIRA.

Trainee member of the Union of Visual Artists in Romania, Baia Mare Branch since 2016 presents a continuous artistic rise that complements the teaching and research activity in the field of art, being more and more present on the shelves of galleries in the country and abroad.

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