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Kováts Ferenc 1911 – 1983 (Săsar’s shore)

Kováts Ferenc

1911 – 1983

He worked at the Free School of Painting in Baia Mare under the coordination of Master Thorma Janos, then continued his art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. During his college years he was awarded the Prize for Studies of the Szinya Society. In the painting the Săsar’s shore thanks to the clear and bright sky we perceive the reformed church in contre-jour. The winding, warm banks of the Săsar and the left-hand railway line lost in the distance that served the city’s gold mines form the composition of the work. All this in a rich chromatic, a conciliating dialog between warm and cold, mediated by dark tones.

Kováts Ferenc 1911 – 1983
(Săsar’s shore)