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Krizsán János 1866 – 1948 (City Park)

Krizsán Janós

1866 – 1948

Born in the town of Cavnic, Krizsan Janos was one of the leading representatives of the second wave of traditionalist painters of the School of Painting, active in Baia Mare since 1902 as a pupil of István Réti and Béla Iványi Grünwald. His artistic interest focused on representing the landscape around the city, painting in the spirit that his predecessors defined as the core of the Baia Mare School of Painting.

This painting of the City Park is made in a post-impressionist approach with a chromatic reminiscent of French fauvism. The park was founded in the 19th century, being named Szechenyi Park, and since 1918 it will be called Queen Mary’s Park.

Krizsán János 1866 – 1948
(City Park)