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Krizsanné Csikos Antónia 1887 – 1987 (Landscape from Baia Mare)

Krizsanné Csikos Antónia

1887 – 1987

Born in Debrecen in 1887, Krizsanné Csikos Antónia studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, and since 1911 she has come every year to Baia Mare studying with Reti Istvan. In 1922 he joined the Painters Association of Baia Mare, and in 1927 he married the painter Janos Krizsan with whom he worked in Baia Mare until the end of her life in 1987. After the Second World War, he joined the Romanian Fine Artists Union. She was repeatedly awarded with the order of the Romanian Cultural Merit in 1972, 1977 and 1982.

Câmpia Tineretului versus Câmpia Claustrului has always been a favorable place of artistic inspiration for the painters in Baia Mare. The artist gives us a testimony about the place, an area of the city where the household occupations of mowing and the craft of hay, together with grazing, also conferred utility to the space.

Krizsanné Csikos Antónia 1887 – 1987
(Landscape from Baia Mare)