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Rátz Péter Tagyosi 1879 – 1945 (Park in Baia Mare)

Rátz Péter Tagyosi

(1879 – 1945)

He arrived in Baia Mare in 1905 where he studied under the guidance of Réti Istvan and Ferenczy Károly. He traveled to Rome with Réti in 1906 where he attended the independent school at the Instituto di Belle Arti, then spent a year in Paris in 1909. He later returned to Baia Mare and became a member of the Society of Painters in 1922.

Ratz Peter Tagyosi illustrates a sequence of the city park from the 1930s, in a static composition in which heavily embossed trees dominate the entire scene. The many shades of green make up a rich vegetation over a vast expanse, the play of light and shadow projects the scene during the midday period, and the verticality of the “main actors” connects the terrestrial and air registers, emphasizing the greatness of nature in relation to man. The history of this park begins in the middle of the 19th century, knowing different phases of modernization and evolution. During the interwar period this place was animated by concerts of promenade or fanfare music. At the same time, in the Queen Mary’s Park functioned a restaurant with the same name where jazz animated the atmosphere.

Rátz Péter Tagyosi 1879 – 1945
(Park in Baia Mare)