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Grigore Negoșanu 1885 – 1953 (Old Square in Baia Mare)

Grigore Negoșanu

1885 – 1953

Painter Grigore Negoșanu was born in 1885 in the Buzau County, commune of Cănești and begins his artistic training at the School of Fine Arts in Iasi. Here he befriends Nicolae Tonitza, becoming his brother-in-law. Between 1908 and 1912, he completed his artistic education at the Royal Bavarian Academy in Munich, initially specializing in drawing under the guidance of Angelo Jank, and later became one of the favorite students of professor Franz von Stuck. Between 1914 and 1916 he attended drawing and painting classes at the Julian Academy.

After returning to the country he painted successively in Cluj, Bucharest and for four years he was active in the Colony of Baia Mare. Between 1920 and 1924 the painter made an important series of landscapes and scenes of the genre in plein-air, which he also exhibited publicly in several collective exhibitions of the community of artists from Baia Mare. The imprint of his artistic personality was beneficially intertwined with the principles promoted by the stylistic direction of the second traditionalist wave (the years of the decades 1910-1920) of the art evolution in Baia Mare.

The artist gives us a testimony of a daily activity that regularly took place in the center of the village, the fairs that dynamized the city, being also a source of inspiration for the artists present in Baia Mare. Also here we identify the oldest building in the city, the Iancu de Hunedoara house on the central right side of the image, all in the ambiance of the emblematic hills of Baia Mare in a colder chromatic like the sky. The evolution of this market spans almost 700 years. Documentary attested in 1329, Civitas Rivulus Dominarum, Baia Mare benefited from multiple privileges and rights, including the one to hold a fair, being the first city in Transylvania to obtain this right and also one of the most sought trading and commercial centers in the region.

Grigore Negoșanu 1885 – 1953
(Old Square in Baia Mare)