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Painters’ Colony

For a century this place received artists who lived and created here, but there was never a project to save this heritage. The rehabilitation project, coordinated by the architect Ștefan Paskucz and Laura Teodora Ghinea, plastic artist and cultural manager, thus proposes a contemporary version, which reunites the past with the present and the future. The project started in 2011, and the construction site took place between February 19, 2015 – October 30, 2017.

Painters’ Colony today

This cultural space represents and highlights the community, which identifies and participates in its definition. In other words, the Painters’ Colony becomes a powerful device through which the Baia Mare artistic guild can produce and reveal its own artistic identity. Thus conceived and created, this space becomes a mirror of the artistic guild, a place marked by hospitality, an interface, allowing tourists or researchers to know the local specifics in the context of the international circulation of cultural and artistic values. Through all that is, this place will communicate its own uniqueness.

Painters’ Colony Baia Mare

The financing of this project was provided entirely from the local budget of Baia Mare Municipality, amounting to approximately 3,200,000 euros. The municipality of Baia Mare recovered the investment made from the local budget, thanks to the Regio financing project, “Valorization of cultural heritage, through the restoration and rehabilitation of the Painters’ Colony”, amounting to 15,487,285.36 lei, of which 12,392,147.14 lei represents the contribution Of the European Union through the financing contract no. 3466 / 11.12.2018

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The restoration and rehabilitation of the Painters' Colony

15.487.285 lei