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Gyimessy-Kovács Gábor 1905 – 1983 (Hibernal landscape)

Gyimessy-Kovács Gábor

1905 – 1983

He was born in Salonta, Bihor County in 1905. Since 1936 he has been studying at the Free School of Painting in Baia Mare under the guidance of Mikola András, Krizsán János and Ziffer Sándor. He has been participating in group exhibitions at the Colony of Painters in Baia Mare since the late ’30s. It records presence in several galleries in the country and abroad in group and personal exhibitions.

In this painting Gyimessy-Kovacs Gabor illustrates the ramifications of trees in a manner that discreetly makes references to Cubism.

Gyimessy-Kovács Gábor 1905 – 1983
(Hibernal landscape)