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Weith Lászlo 1914 – 1973 (The Colony of Painters)

Weith László

1914 – 1973

Born in Valea lui Mihai, Bihor County, in a family of railway workers, Weith Laszlo chose to follow his vocation. Attracted by the artistic guild of Baia Mare, he enrolled at the Free School of Painting in Baia Mare at the age of 13, being the apprentice of Thorma János, Krizsán János, Mikola András and Ziffer Sándor. In 1941 he was accepted as a member of the Plastic Artists Society of Baia Mare. In 1953 he married painter Lidia Agricola, his former school colleague with whom he lived until the end of his life in 1973.

The Colony of Painters is a drawing made in ink, a easel graphic, where the most interesting element is the building constructed between 1910-1911, currently the Thorma Janos pavilion, which served as workshops for artists, a place where they created and lived together with their families. A monochrome image that helped to historically reconstruct the appearance of buildings for the rehabilitation project conducted between 2015 and 2017.

Weith Lászlo 1914 – 1973
(The Colony of Painters)